High profit margins

Send your callers offers and discounts using IVR call service to created lists based on call attributes. Earn larger amount of money by retargeting your existing callers’ database.

Create Brand Recognition

80% of your business happens over the phone and remarketing gives you the opportunity to reach out to your callers in order to create a value addition to your brand.


Remarketing in Local Languages

This is another important advantage that IVR solutions boast of. Due to vastly improved technology a company can present its IVR in different languages so people aren’t scratching their heads trying to figure out what the voice on the telephone is saying. This is the part where remarketing can actually work better. The retargeting of customers can be done by sending those offers or promotional calls in local languages.

Additional features

Advanced segmentation

Create subscription lists based on the call attributes that are tracked. Send offers to these lists to repeat business.

Facebook integration

Reach back to your callers using Facebook. Define your Facebook Ad campaigns according to your subscription lists.

Realtime Monitoring

Check the performance of your remarketing campaigns on an ongoing basis. Shoot calls and see how many customers return.

SMS campaigns

Create customized SMS campaigns and send across to the people of your chosen list. Bring them back with a personalized message.

Analytical reports

Subscribe for reports of your remarketing campaigns. Analyze the performance of those campaigns measuring the call back rate.

DND advantage

Send SMS to even DND numbers in subscriber list. IVR Box allows and maintain unsubscribing option as per DND policy.