Refund Policy

In case the contract between Us and the User has expired and the User decides not to renew the contract or extend services, We can, upon request, transfer the ownership of the display number to the User. The following conditions will dictate this policy

i. Only virtual mobile numbers shall be transferrable.

ii. The ownership of Landline/PSTN/Toll-Free numbers is not transferrable.

iii. We will charge a nominal fee of INR 1000 to assist with the transfer of ownership.

iv. In case the User decides to initiate the process on his/her own, We will terminate & release the number from Our end and the User will have to contact the telecom operator directly to obtain the ownership of the number. In this case, the User does not have to pay any fees to Us for transfer of ownership.

v. The User can choose to keep the services activated until the number porting process is complete. In this case, User will be charged the rental and usage charges on pro-rata basis.

vi. We reserve the right to charge the User up to INR 5000 as a security deposit against the aforementioned charges. Any part of unused amount will be refunded back to the user after the transfer of ownership is complete.

What we mean:

In case our term ends, the number you’ve been using can be transferred back to you to ensure no hiccups in business operations.
12. Unavailability of Desired or Committed Display Number
We will try to amicably resolve such issue by proposing best alternatives as a replacement to the desired number. No refund will be entertained if We do not find genuine interest on part of the User to resolve the issue, however if the issue is not resolved within 30 days from the date of payment, the User is entitled to 75% of amount paid, in addition to any charges paid towards obtaining a vanity display number.
What we mean:
We’ll work our hardest to ensure you get the number you want. In case we can’t, your interests are taken care of.


In case, the User decides to discontinue the usage of services from Us, the following conditions will apply:
i. In cases, where We have failed to provide the services as promised, the user can claim 100% refund, provided the services have not been used.
ii. In cases, where We have failed to provide the services as promised, however, the user has availed the services provided in part or in full, We will only be liable to refund the part of services unused by the client.
iii. In cases where in the user is dissatisfied with the services provided, he/she may claim 50% of the unused part of services by showing justifiable reasons for the said dissatisfaction.
iv. The User can claim a 100% refund within 15 days of placing the order without showing any cause, provided the services have not been used.
v. In the absence of plausible cause, no refund claims will be entertained once service acceptance is received from the user. Also, We will not be liable to refund the User in cases of force majeure or outages where We do not have a control over the resolution time, for e.g. Outages at the end of our Telecom Partners, Cloud Partners, Internet Services Providers or Internet Hackers.
21. Waiver Any failure on our part to exercise any provision or right under these Terms of Use shall not constitute a waiver by us of that provision or right.