Start with Loaded powerful features

Call Recording, Call Conference, In-Built CRM, Re-Marketing Features, Reports and Insights, Customized IVR System, Geographical Call Routing, Manage track and evaluate every clients.

Multi-Level IVR

Create powerful, sophisticated call-flow configurations with more menu options (up to 3 levels).

Call Recording

Auto-record every call on user consent for training purpose or future reference.

Unified Management

Intelligently take over call mechanisms to fine-tune your business phone system.

Multi-Agent Access

A multi-agent system (M.A.S.),provides multiple access simultaneously even in your absence.

Real-time Analytics

Generate and view dynamic analysis and valuable insights of important metrics .


Accelerate seamless integration with in-built pre sales CRM on plugin your existing CRM easily.

Click To Call

Enjoy quick, uninterrupted conversations with prospects directly the web console.

Virtual number

Add multiple phone numbers and extensions to receive calls from anywhere, anytime.

Analyze your business call traffic

Use Our Frienddly & Powerful Application to Analyse Your Call Flow.

Call recording
Analyze each customer conversation to understand the requirements of your callers.
Call tracking
Track and monitor all your business calls to ensure you do not miss any potential leads.
Push reports
Get detailed analytical reports of your business calls via SMS and user panels.
Live dashboard
Monitor the number of calls connected and missed by each department in your organization.